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Francis "Chip" DeGruy


Many classmates may remember him by his nickname --- Chip ---during our days at St. Aug.  His real name is Francis DeGruy.  Like the rest of us, Chip is now among the alumni elders, and he is not in the best of health.


Chip is seated in the center of this photo wearing a blue, black, and white shirt.

Chip is now a resident at Lafon Nursing Home in New Orleans. He has
suffered multiple strokes, rarely speaks, and is not ambulatory.  Several of our Class Committee members recently visited him, and together we offered a prayer at his bedside.


Standing left to right:  Gregory Gaines, Wayne Baquet, Furnell Chatman, and Emile Lombard.

It was a heartfelt encounter for all involved.  We gave Chip several photos including one of our 1965 graduation class, and his nurse says those photos will be posted in his room. 


Chip managed to acknowledge our presence as well as the photos with only his eyes as we reminisced about our days at St. Aug.  If you would like to send him a card or brief note, address it to:

Francis "Chip" DeGruy
% Lafon Nursing Home
6900 Chef Menteur Highway
New Orleans, La.  &0126

Please keep Chip in your prayers.

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