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St. Augustine High School is a prestigious private Catholic school for young black men in NewOrleans. The Purple Knights Class of 1965 is one of St. Augustine's most distinguished groups of graduates.  It includes businessman Danny Bakewell, the former owner of radio station WBOK in New Orleans and now owner and publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper. Wendell Knox scaled several corporate ladders to join the board of directors at Hanover Insurance as well as several banks and investment groups.  Furnell Chatman became the first African-American hired by a New Orleans television news station and the first black person to anchor a TV newscast in Louisiana.  Michael Glapion founded his own insurance company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota then launched an insurance consulting firm in New Orleans when he retired.  Henry Julien was one of the most influential civil rights attorneys in New Orleans. Rhaoul Guillaume founded the engineering firm GOTECH and worked on construction of the New Orleans Superdome.  Joseph Ortique served as Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.  Wayne Baquet and his family of restauranteurs founded the ever-popular Lil' Dizzy's Cafe just outside the historic French  Quarter.  Paul Valteau was elected Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff and held that position for more than twenty-five years.  St. Augustine's alumni from 1965 include civic leaders, doctors, businessmen, and lawyers who carried their high school banner into success

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