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At the end of our current fund-raising campaign,  sixty percent of the donations collected will be used for scholarships immediately for the next school year.  The remaining forty percent will be set aside for our endowment fund.  Just as in the past, all funds will go directly to St. Augustine High School---both the scholarship funds as well as the endowment funds.  The school administration will remain the custodian of all contributions.  No funds will be held by our Class Committee.  So please be generous with your annual contributions to our class scholarship fund.  "Special" donations are of course most welcomed.

Your annual contribution can be made quickly and securely via our class website on a special link established by St. Aug  just as has been done in previous years. 

                                   CLICK  ON

                             SCHOOL  PHOTO

                          TO  DONATE  TODAY


If you prefer, you can mail a check payable to “St. Augustine High School.“

Send it to:           St. Aug Scholarship Fund

                            P.O. Box 8767

                            New Orleans, La.  70182

Please make sure you indicate on the check that it is for the Class of ‘65 Scholarship Fund









PLEASE GIVE SOMETHING !  EVERY DOLLAR HELPS.  We are deeply indebted to St. Augustine High School because it has given us so much.  We in turn have an obligation, as is the St. Aug tradition, to reach back to help other students.  We have embarked upon a new level of assistance to our alma mater----a legacy endowment for St. Augustine High School from the Class of 1965.  Our unwavering commitment is to continue providing scholarships each year to deserving young men who want a Purple Knight education.  But in addition to that, we have initiated efforts to provide a special fund --- an endowment --- that will provide revenue for scholarships in perpetuity.  We as a class are now in our seventies with a limited financial horizon.  But we want the Class of 1965 to have a lasting impact on St. Aug for many years.  Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 over the next four years for the endowment fund alone.  That's in addition to our annual scholarship awards.  Other philanthropic groups are collaborating with the school's administration,  just as we are, in an endowment effort that is heartily endorsed by St. Aug supporters


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